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      e-gift card Cocooncenter

      Offer it immediately or the day of your choice. It is the ideal gift even at the last minute!
      Valid on all Cocooncenter website, you are sure to please everyone.

      How does it work?

      Easy, quick, it will only take you a few minutes to make this gift valid on ALL Cocooncenter website. Nothing could be simpler, you have to:
      Select a theme then your preferred pattern
      Choose the amount you want to offer
      Enter the recipient's email address
      Enter your name and surname
      Enter a personalised message
      Choose a dispatch date and hour*
      Validate and pay, you're done!
      Thanks to the Cocooncenter e-card, offer in a few minutes the whole universe of online pharmacy. Only a few clicks are needed to offer well-being, beauty and health with a choice of 21000 references thanks to this online e-gift card.
      Our e-card is valid for 1 year, from its date of dispatch to the recipient, on Cocooncenter website.
      The recipient receives the e-card with your message and a code enabling to use the amount.
      Only available by e-mail at the present time.
      Can be used in several times.
      A single e-gift card per purchase, can't be used to purchase gift cards.
      *the deadline may vary from a few minutes.

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